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FUNCY DECOR DIY Gym Design featured in Real Homes Magazine

March 28, 2022
Real Homes Gym

April 1, 2022

By: Heather Semke, Founder & Certified Interior Decorator

Photo Credit: The Bainbridge Studio

I couldn't have been more excited to be contacted by an Interior Designer and Real Homes Magazine writer this past month to feature my own DIY home gym. Who knew that my vision for an extra space in our home would not only come to life but catch the Real Homes Magazine's eye!

When asked what to consider when setting up a home gym, I offered the following considerations. I hope the following guidance inspires you to set up your own exercise area and to not be afraid to make it your own!

"When setting up your home gym, consider what your top 3 fitness goals are, how you can achieve those goals within the space you have available, and prioritize equipment, weights, mirrors, etc. to meet your budget.  We invested in conditioning equipment and lighting with built in fans and saved by laying our own interlocking foam flooring and using individual mirrors to create one large, mirrored surface.  Adding some mats, poufs, and remote-controlled candles in lanterns can add additional possibilities for yoga and meditation.  If you can build it in, having a little side table with a water dispenser is the perfect hydration solution!" - Heather Semke

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