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Spring 2023 FUNCY DECOR News

May 23, 2023

By: Heather Semke, Founder & Certified Interior Decorator

Summer is almost here! I hope you are anticipating a season of celebration with graduations, vacations, and all the good things this time of year holds! FUNCY DECOR is now FUNCY DECOR LLC and we are celebrating our two-year anniversary!

We have continued to grow our client base while maintaining our top interior design/decorating industry 5.0 customer service rating. Additionally, we have created new interior decorating packages that are fee-based, Style and Shop services, and Customer and Realtor Referral Rewards Programs. We have also recently hired our first employee, Valerie Ord, as our Marketing & Operations Associate!

Cheers to a beautiful Summer and thank you so much for your continued business and support!

Learn more about our new employee, Valerie:

Valerie Ord, Marketing & Operations Associate

Learn more about Interior Decorating Packages & Services:

Interior Decorating Packages & Services

Learn more about Style & Shop:

Style & Shop Service

Learn more about our Customer and Realtor Referral Rewards:

Referral Rewards Programs