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Pick and Shop a Design Style

Discover more about design styles and how they can make an impact for your space(s).

See one you like? You can shop furniture and decor individually or as an entire room!

Each look is unique and curated by our decorating team.

white comforter set


What sets this style apart?

  • Inherited and collected over time decorative pieces
  • Darker woods and leathers and nail-head details
  • Patterns include florals, damask, toiles, & stripes
  • Same color palette but different patterns
  • Wainscotting and crown moulding
  • Persian-style or vintage patterned rugs
  • Rooms are styled for family function
  • Symmetrical furniture layout

View and Shop Traditional Rooms:

Traditional Bedroom

Traditional Living Room

green and white throw pillows on green sofa

Mid Century Modern

What sets this style apart?

  • Retro-futuristic feel - post WW2 optimism
  • Bold accent colors
  • Use all the same woods: Oak, Rosewood, and Teak
  • Rounded furniture
  • Odd-shaped coffee and accent tables
  • Geometric shapes in decor and lighting
  • Furnishings emphasize function over ornament
  • Use of metal, glass, and vinyl

View and Shop Mid Century Rooms:

Mid Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Dining Room

brown wooden door near brown woven armchair


What sets this style apart?

  • Unconventional and artistic - free spirit hippy culture of the 1960s and '70s
  • Bright colors and many patterns: florals or paisleys mixed with natural prints OR
  • Subdued shades: olive green, cognac, mustard yellow, and rusty orange
  • Natural or raw materials such as hemp, sisal, wood, and rattan
  • Woven wall decor and rugs, macrame plant hangers, and leathers
  • Curated, creative mix of art and books
  • Plants, plants, and more plants
  • Vintage, thrifted or travel-centric items- be careful of cultural appropriation

View and Shop Boho Rooms:

Modern Boho Bedroom

Modern Boho Dining Room

brown wooden round table near white sofa


What sets this style apart?

  • Comfortable, relaxed and ready for lounging or fun
  • Greyed or washed, lighter woods as if touched by salty air exposure
  • Neutral colors with pops of navy or hues of blues and greens (think sea glass)
  • Neutral or stiped fabrics that wear well
  • Wooded bead, capiz shell, or woven material lighting
  • Sisal, jute, seagrass, or grasscloth textures for walls and rugs

View and Shop Coastal Rooms:

Modern Coastal Living Room

Modern Coastal Dining Room 1

Modern Coastal Dining Room 2

Modern Coastal Bedroom

brown wooden table near green potted plant


What sets this style apart?

  • Raw materials, often original to the space like wood, metal, and concrete
  • Mechanical details, like exposed brick, beams, ducts, and pipes
  • Not a lot of superfluous pillows, patterns, or accessories
  • Layer in black metals, leather, and weathered woods
  • Colors typically are warm browns and tans paired with reds, blues, or grays
  • Use one or two other styles with pillows or rugs to soften the look

View and Shop Industrial Rooms:

Modern Industrial Living Room

Modern Industrial Dining Room

brown wooden table with chairs


What sets this style apart?

  • Real wood- wide-planked wood floors and reclaimed tables (obvious grain)
  • Exposed beams
  • Rugs made of jute or animal hide, or raw stone fireplaces
  • Jute, burlap, and canvas throughout the home in rugs and accent pieces.
  • No sheen - see and feel texture
  • Handmade pieces
  • Nature-inspired colors; earthy tones

View and Shop Rustic Rooms:

Modern Rustic Living Room

Modern Rustic Dining Room

Modern Rustic Bedroom

white wooden kitchen cabinet and sink

Modern Farmhouse

What sets this style apart?

  • Embrace tradition—but with a modern twist reflective of the times. 
  • White or painted board and batten or shiplap and X shaped barn door
  • Neutral with light colors; contrasting black elements can add a bit of edge
  • Reclaimed wood, Barnboard details, Architectural salvage
  • Big comfortable pine furniture
  • Wrought iron accents
  • Wide plank floors- scratches, knots, and nicks add to the authenticity
  • Vintage accessories
  • Fabrics, such as cotton, canvas, wool, or chenille

View and Shop Modern Farmhouse Rooms:

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

contemporary kitchen

Modern / Contemporary

What sets this style apart?

  • Modern and current with the styles of the moment
  • Colors, spaces, and shapes are sleek and fresh
  • Neutrals, black, and white are the main colors and are used to ground space
  • Color palette is accented with bright and bold colors
  • Bold color blocks, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture
  • Each piece stands out as individual and unique
  • Floors should be bare and smooth, using wood, tile, or vinyl
  • If you must use some carpet, select commercial grades
  • Track lighting and recessed lighting help to wash a wall in light
  • Generous use of metal, stone, and opaque or clear glass 

View and Shop Modern / Contemporary Rooms:

Modern Living Room

Modern Dining Room

Modern Office

round brown wooden table with two brown ottomans

Global / Eclectic

  • Full of personality - fun, funky, and full of visual interest
  • Mixed patterns and global influences - old and new
  • Unexpected use of items like a trunk as a coffee table
  • Mix and match contrasting colors
  • Mix your art together
  • Add elements of your travel or heritage
  • Layer colors, textures and materials to create the curated, mismatched feel
  • Retro, customized, second-hand, or antique furniture
  • Bold patterns and animal prints
  • Mid-toned blues, teal, mustard, orange and greens
  • Lots of plants in varying heights and varying pots
  • Layer lighting in varying materials, heights, and placement

View and Shop Eclectic Rooms:

Eclectic Living Room

Eclectic Bedroom